The Islands

The Islands were conceived after years of designing motor yachts and analysing their appeal as well as their disadvantages and actual usage. The advantages of owning a yacht are easy to see and wrapped up in the romance of living on the water, leaving the turmoil of shore-life behind, whether it be for a short break, summer holiday or longer term. The hard truth is though, most yachts spend more time moored up in the marina than they do on the open sea, and even then they do not go that far from their home port. This means that the expense of building and maintaining a yacht, its engine room and all that entails is less than an efficient use of resources. Added to this is also the cost of installing all the necessary navigation equipment that allows the yacht to get from A to B.

The idea developed to create a vessel that shared these resources with a third party. So you have a yacht without an engine room, but with a central vessel employed to move the Islands to different locations. It makes sense both economically and ecologically.

Once the Island is in prime offshore position its inhabitants can sit back and enjoy the amenities of their yacht/home. The Islands are designed with boom arms that can be closed to create a private harbour, allowing owner and guests the freedom of a safe sea swim without any of the associated perils, or opened for easy access for tenders and toys.

In the configuration illustrated, the Island has been laid out to give the owner and guests the full amenities that one would expect to enjoy on a yacht of a similar complement, as well as crew facilities of a similar ratio. From here on the line between a beach house and a yacht becomes blurred. The Islands have the distinction that all the guest rooms, as well as the owners suite have private balconies and views out to the horizon.

Once a change of location is desired, the support vessel is readily on-hand to tow the Island to a new location or back to the mooring, its inhabitants travelling in luxury and comfort, without the noise and vibration associated with a motor yacht on the move.

The Home Port is a custom built marina with manicured gardens and a berth that is specific to each Island. Once the Island is moored, the owner and guests can relax in the familiar surroundings of their beach house or hop ashore for a night on the town. So the Islands have it all, the beauty of a private island, the sea worthiness of a yacht and the luxury of a beach side home.

On from this concept of private ownership developed a commercial idea that a single Island could be used as an exclusive boutique hotel or franchised to larger hotel chains and placed in prime locations around the world. Once the season ended in any one location the Island could then be transported to the next location where the season was just beginning.

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